One Red Paperclip…

I have been keeping track of this little story of a Canadian guy who started trading a red paperclip July 12 2005 in hope of being able to trade his way into a house. Surprisingly he accomplished that on July 12 2006. This just proves that almost anything is possible!! Who thought someone would be able to trade his way from a paperclip all the way to a house.

So this whole red paper clip business just expanded big time on the web. Just googling it to find Kyle’s website I came across another website where “you can trade 1 red paperclip yourself”! Crazy! A movie is apparently in the works too. Check out the site, some adventure that must have been. Congratulations to Kyle MacDonald.

The most interesting trade I found was the last trade, the city of Kipling, SK is trading a house for the role in a Hollywood movie which Kyle got by trading a snowball with a directory who happened to be one of the World’s biggeest snowball collectors…what a coincidence. So whats a town going to do with a movie role? Well they are running an “American Idol” style auditions for the role in Corbin Bernsen’s movie “Donna on Demand”. So if you are around Kipling,SK on Labor Day weekend, head down there and try out!! This will probably the closest you will every get to playing a role in a Hollywood movie.

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