Match 3: Italy vs. Czech Republic

ahh..the Italians finally got the Czechs out of the way! Everybody was fearsome of the fact that the Czechs being ranked 2nd world wide by FIFA. The Italians got their style back after that crazy tie against the Americans. They played even better than when they played Ghana in the first game. Really the score could have been 4-0 rather than 2-0 if it wasn’t for Inzaghi missing two real easy goals. To be fair to the Czechs, Nedved had an awesome chance against Buffon, but Buffon stood his grounds and made an even more awesome save. Really, that own goal against the US was major bad luck. Other than that, the Italian goal remains “unpenentrated”.

Next they face Australia which is going to be a pushover (sorry it is true). The real knockout game is against Argentina at the quarter finals. That will be a really good game to watch! I guarantee it. Now don’t come and tell me “..but Argentina beat Serbia 6-0..” That team did not play well at all (obviously) plus they cannot be compared to Italy. If the Italian defense stands up strong with Cannavaro, then Argentina will have a tough time breaking through. The Italians need to hold their formation exactly like how they did with the Czechs, the defense line was always there at the right place and time.

I think Inzaghi proved something to Lippi with his awesome goal against the Czechs. The guy had guts to challenge Cech 1 on 1 and beat him even with Totti (I think) around him. Might have been selfish of Inzaghi to not pass it to Totti, but he beat the keeper.

My predictions:
Inzaghi doesnt play against Australia and rests for the game after (Argentina). Italy beats Australia 3-0 and moves on to face Maradona’s team in which Italy wins 3-2. The Argentinians are shorter than the Italian players, so they will have a tought time with the perfect corners and free kicks by Totti.

…Forza Italia!

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