Italy up to 2nd place from 13th in June 2006

I was curious to know how Italy’s world ranking was affected by their recent World Cup win. Before the world cup they were ranked 13th, now they are all the way up to 2nd trailing behind Brazil. Brazil was already in 1st before the cup, and I can understand that they maintained first because they won it 5 times and Italy 4 times. What I do not understand is why is Argentina in 3rd? They went out in the quarter finals and they only won twice. I think Germany should be 3rd since they won it 3 times so far plus they played much better than Argentina in this cup. Anyway who cares, Italy is 2nd. So I hope everybody survived this month of me posting mostly world cup news, this is definitely the last now. (I still feel I am going to read something sooner or later about this and start ranting on it again)

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