Definitely not a psychic!

My predictions:
Inzaghi doesnt play against Australia and rests for the game after (Argentina). Italy beats Australia 3-0 and moves on to face Maradona’s team in which Italy wins 3-2. The Argentinians are shorter than the Italian players, so they will have a tought time with the perfect corners and free kicks by Totti.

Recently I made the above predictions, obviously I was not even a little close. Italy barely won the Austrialians. Luckily that ref gave them the penalty although Grosso was totally faking it. Argentina was not good enough to beat the Germans and lost by penalties. And ofcourse the Italians were more than good enough to beat the Germans and got a well deserved 2 goals. (Yup I’m going to keep rubbing it in your face you Argentina and German fans)

Anyway, so I came in to work today for a little bit to complete something that was not done yesterday. We needed a 2.6 kernel less than 2.6.13 to get the serial connection to the Moog platform to work. We tried a 2.4 kernel and that worked fine, but for some reason the CD fails to install a package needed for kde. There was no Gnome on these Slackware CDs so I tried the other “light weight” window managers and didn’t like them very much. What luck for the CD to fail on a package needed by kde. So I burnt new CDs and am re-installing the machine now. That machine wasnt given permission to access the network yet, so won’t be able to download the stuff I need.

Yesterday after we tried the serial connection on the 2.4 kernel with the new Moxa PCI card everything worked fine. I can say these Moxa drivers worked ALMOST out of the box. They only work on kernels prior to 2.6.13. So we had the DTK sliders program open and got them connected to the Moog shared memory and using these 6 sliders on my screen I was able to move the 2000 pound platform in all 6 dimensions – x,y,z,roll,yaw,and pitch. Very cool. I also got to sit inside and experience the motion first hand and its pretty neat. The up-down motion doesnt give butterflies in your stomach like I thought it would since this thing moves around at around 0.6g. Then the professor decided to do “the twist” where the platform twists around itself…that shook me up pretty well. That was fun.

Anyway I am all done here. The Linux box is working flawlessly now :)

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